taking group tours as a couple
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The Benefits of Taking Group Tours As A Couple

Group Tours are often promoted to those travelling alone but I feel they can also be great for couples. Zak and I have been on a couple together now and already have the next one planned (who’s looking forward to some China, Mongolia & Russia posts?). While we’ve typically been in the minority as a couple we’ve found them to a be a great way of travelling together. Here’s what we’ve found to be the benefits of taking group tours as a couple.

The Ability to Pursue Different Interests

Even though there are lots of things we love to do together when travelling there are also areas where our interests and desires diverge. Having the other travel buddies that come with a tour means that there’s usually someone who can join one of us in doing something that the other person doesn’t want to do. For example, hot air ballooning in Cappadocia would have been much more expensive for Zak to do on his own and he wouldn’t have had such a good experience hiking in the area without our guide’s advice and other travellers’ company.

taking group tours as a couple

Zak would never be able to get me to join him on a bike trip!

Enjoying the Nightlife

Many places you will visit are known for their nightlife. I don’t know about you but when Zak and I are on our own our nights out tend to be a lot quieter – we’ll grab dinner and have a couple of drinks before heading back to our hotel. I love to dance but it just doesn’t seem to make sense to do this with only the two of us present. When travelling with groups we’ve found we get to experience much more of a location’s nightlife.

taking group tours as a couple

We’d never order a round of shots just for the two of us!

Meeting People

Meeting people is one of the best things about solo travel and it’s just as good when you travel as a couple. But typically if we’re not travelling with others on some kind of tour we will just end up keeping to ourselves. We enjoy each others company, of course, so it’s easy to stick with it. But meeting others and learning about their lives and experiences has always brought so much more value to our travel. Plus, you’ll make friends from around the world and likely leave your trip with offers to stay in their home if you pass through their area on future travels. Hello, cheap accommodation options!

taking group tours as a couple

Sometimes it’s good to have some girl time

Tips for Taking Group Tours as a Couple

  • Look carefully at the tour’s itinerary. You probably do still want some time to spend just the two of you, so check whether there’s much free time to do your own thing.
  • If you don’t want to sign up for a full on multi-day trip but still want other people to do certain things with sign up for a day trip or a ‘pub crawl’. I’ve done a few pub crawls by myself in Europe and it’s something we definitely plan to do while backpacking in Europe next year. This way we can experience a city’s nightlife while still travelling around independently at our own pace.


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