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Parasailing Lake Taupo

After having our plans to go parasailing on Lake Wakitipu thwarted by the wild West Coast weather that wouldn’t let us get through the Haast pass to Queenstown Zak and I made immediate plans to try again in Taupo.

Big Sky Parasail only operates in the summer months, so we decided that when I came to Hawkes Bay for my Christmas break, we’d make a day trip to Taupo and finally go parasailing.

When we returned I had people telling me I was brave for doing it. Most likely because I’m certainly not known for my love of adventurous activities. They all seemed a bit sceptical when I told them how absolutely non-scary it was. But I stepped off the boat feeling parasailing might even be more suited to being marketed as a scenic relaxation activity than an adventurous one! If you’re afraid of heights that’s unlikely to be your take on it, of course.

Big Sky Parasail lets you pick between going 400ft or 800ft high, with the price tag being the same whichever you choose. We had made an earlybird reservation ($10 cheaper each) and were the only ones on our boat. This meant it took no time at all to get us strapped into our harness and into the air. The guys explain all the gear to you. There’s not much to it except that you obviously don’t want to unclip yourself. Even when you are launching off the back of the boat everything feels natural and relaxed.

Parasailing Lake Taupo

Once in the air, you’re probably as close to being as bird as humanly possible. Calmly floating along. A silence descends around you. Rather than being eerie, it’s just incredibly peaceful.

Parasailing Lake Taupo

I couldn’t believe I had wondered if we should have gone for 400ft since it was our first time. Had we done so I know I’d have been wishing to go higher. I already have the 1200ft one in the Bay of Islands picked out as a candidate for our next parasailing location. That being said, I still want to do the 600ft one in Queenstown that we missed out on because, well, it’s Queenstown and it’d be beautiful. Basically, parasailing is now something I want to do everywhere it’s available.

Parasailing Lake Taupo

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